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Standard Compressor Wine Fridge

Standard Compressor Wine Fridge
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Standard Compressor Wine Fridge Features

Overview of Standard Compressor Wine Cooler/Fridge

Most people are under the impression that wine coolers work in the same way as traditional refrigerators, and in the case of units that are based off of a compressor, this is true. Essentially, compressor wine coolers use what's known as a vapor compression cycle in order to remove heat from the cabinet, the same way an air conditioner removes heat in a home.

This wine cooler with compressor cooling system is typically comprised of four main parts: the compressor, the condenser, the expansion valve and the evaporator. The compressor's job is to pressurize the gas, while the condenser radiates heat into the environment. Once the refrigerant hits the expansion valve, its pressure is reduced, which turns it into liquid form. Finally, the evaporator absorbs heat from the air, resulting in the cold air that is used to properly cool your wine.

The Details of Standard Compressor Wine Cooler/Fridge

1. Intelligent thermostat system

2. Stainless Steel powder painting frame

3. Log shelf

4. Odour remove active carbon

5. Adjustable legs

6. Blue diamond LED lighting

7. Moisturizing embossed aluminum cabinet

8. Double layer anti-UV vacuum stalinite

9. Humanization lock design

10. Famous brand, less vibration, energy efficient compressor

The Advantages of Standard Compressor Wine Cooler/Fridge


1. Powerful Operation: Compressor cooled wine refrigerators have a much more powerful cooling capacity than thermoelectric wine refrigerators, which is why most built-in units use a compressor. This is also the reason you'll see more large-capacity units with compressor cooling functions.

2. Handles High Capacities: Because of its powerful cooling, compressor cooling can handle wine refrigerators that have large wine bottle capacities. This is ideal for people with large wine collections or full wine cellars.

3. Adapts to Environmental Stress: best compressor wine refrigerator can better adapt to varying temperatures and extra heat loads, keeping a stable internal temperature despite environmental conditions. Consider this feature if you plan to keep your bottles in your basement or another uninsulated area.

4. The tempered glass door to offer better protection.

5. Excellent appearances and varies dimensions make full space to store as many as bottles.

6. Digital control for more precise temperature reading.

7. Specialized temperature control technology for storage of red, white wines and champagnes.

8. Vibration-damping, low noise, and low energy consumption.

9. CFC free, environment protection.

10. Stainless Steel Door Handle.


A. Many parts of the products are produced by ourselves which could cut cost and make the prices competitive.

B. With many advanced testing equipment and professional quality inspectors, the quality of our products could be guaranteed.

C. We have professional designers and engineers, and OEM/ODM service is available for us!

D. We RONRUI NEW ENERGY are committed to researching and upgrading our swimming pool heat pump range to ensure the customer is guaranteed the best quality.

E. No matter where you are located, we RONRUI NEW ENERGY will ensure that service is always available when you need it.

Applications of Standard Compressor Wine Fridge


Packaging and Shipping of Standard Compressor Wine Cooler/Fridge

Compressor-Wine-Cooler-packagingCompressor Wine Cooler-shipping

Types of Standard Compressor Wine Fridge

Standard Compressor Wine Fridge Specifications

Model RR-62L RR-115L RR-133L RR-190L RR-270L
Picture RR-62L RR-115L RR-133L RR-190L RR-270L
Rated Voltage (V/Hz) 220~240V/50Hz
220-240V 50Hz
220-240V 50Hz
220-240V 50Hz
220-240V 50Hz
Climate Class  N/SN/ST N N N N
Gross Capacity (L) 62L 115 133 190 270
Net Volume (Bottles) 24 30 52 100 120
Cooling Mode Compressor
Operation Mode Electronic
door frame plastic
color of Door Frame (optional) black/silver
Temperature Range (℃) 4-18
Rated Power (W) 62W 70W 70W 108W 115W
Power Consumption over 24h 0.4 0.44 0.53 0.8 0.86
Foaming agent C5H10
internal bladder HIPS
Compressor Model QDH35 / / / /
Refrigerant Charge R134a R600a R600a R134a R600a
NET WEIGHT (KG) 28 30.5 36 56 57
Gross Weight (KG) 31 33 39 63 65
Unit Dimension(W*D*H) (MM) 420*720*430 480*531*836 523*553*825 595*620*1140 580*640*1485
Packing Dimension (MM) 460*745*480 518*595*885 575*607*865 658*645*1210 650*670*1565
Loading Quantity 20' PCS 175 84 72 27 34
40' PCS 360 178 144 54 73
40'HQ PCS 360 262 216 108 97
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