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Our RONRUI heat pump hot water heating unit and heat pump dryer, safe, environmental protection, energy saving, easy installation and maintenance, widely used in domestic heating, commercial heating, production heating and industrial and agricultural products drying, is now gradually replacing the traditional fuel, gas, electric lamp boiler equipment. We are experienced and professional and have done a lot of engineering projects such as school hot water supplying, factory dormitory hot water supplying, hotel hot water supplying, bath center or hot spring resort hot water supplying, coal to electricity heating project etc.

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RONRUI Air Source Heat Pump
  • EVI Heat PumpEVI Heat Pump2018/05/17RONRUI EVI heat pump series is designed for hot water as well as floor heating in cold area less than -25 ℃ environments. Thanks to the EVI technology, high-end components and the continuous optimiza...
  • DC Inverter Heat PumpDC Inverter Heat Pump2018/05/17Overview of DC Inverter Air Source Heat PumpDuring a standard refrigerant cycle, the refrigerant travels continually between the compressor and condenser, transforming from liquid to gas depending on ...
  • Swimming Pool Heat PumpSwimming Pool Heat Pump2018/05/17Overview of swimming pool heat pump1. The heat pump heater has a fan that draws in the outside air and directs it over the evaporator coil. Liquid refrigerant within the evaporator coil absorbs the he...
  • High Temperature Heat PumpHigh Temperature Heat Pump2018/05/17High Temperature Air Source Heat PumpOverview of high temperature air source heat pumpHigh temperature heat pump is the heat pump which can reach more than 85°C, while the heat pump with the temperat...
  • Household Mini Heat PumpHousehold Mini Heat Pump2018/05/17Overview of Household Mini Air Source Heat PumpHousehold series heat pumps provide up to 55°C hot water for you constantly by circulate heating.It is specially design for the home used demand. With t...
  • Air Source Heat Pump DryerAir Source Heat Pump Dryer2018/05/17Overview of air source heat pump dryer1. Refrigerant (gas state) from evaporator comes to compressor, after compression, becomes high pressure & high temp gas, then comes to condenser;2. In condenser,...
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