Guangdong Ronrui New Energy Technology Limited
  • Wine Cooler Wine Cooler 252018.07 Wine coolers are designed for short-term storage as opposed to cellars, which are for longer-term aging. They are widely used in different areas, such as domestic used, restaurant, bar, liquor store e... Details
  • High Temperature Heat Pump High Temperature Heat Pump 252018.07 The emergence of high temperature heat pump has greatly expanded the application field of heat pump, saved a large number of primary energy, with very good energy saving, environmental protection bene... Details
  • Commercial Heat Pump Commercial Heat Pump 252018.07 Commercial heat pump are flexible solutions for small hot water projects requiring continuous or centralized heating water or floor heating. They can be widely used in residential areas, hotels, schoo... Details
  • Drying Drying 252018.07 Our RONRUI Heat Pump Dryer took advantages of such dry essence and created a "Close-circle" dehumidifying dryer, changed the traditional heat pump dryer's "baking" to "dehumidifying”, which has great... Details
  • EVI Heat Pump EVI Heat Pump 252018.07 RONRUI EVI heat pump series are designed for hot water as well as floor heating in cold area less than -25 ℃ environment. They can work higher reliability and safely to reach high water temperature f... Details
  • Swimming Pool Swimming Pool 252018.07 Our swimming pool heat pump products ensure constant and reliable pool water temperature for cooling/heating on every needed occasions, no matter in domestic and commercial used. Such as club house, s... Details
  • Floor Heating Floor Heating 252018.07 Air source heat pump is designed for domestic hot water and/or house heating, with 3-way valve, heat pump controller can change the circulating direction of water between hot water tank and house heat... Details
  • Hot Water Supply Hot Water Supply 252018.07 The air source heat pump water heater could supply constant water temperature and it is fast and stable for all day long. It can satisfy all kinds of water at the same time, such as bathtubs, baths, k... Details
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