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The Features and Advantages of Heat Pump Water Heater

The features of heat pump water heater:
The air energy heat pump water heater unit has a rectangular parallelepiped structure, which occupies a small space, and the hot water storage tank can be placed in a kitchen or a small balcony. Air energy heat pump water heater split type heat pump unit, easy to install, just connect the water pipe and plug in the power supply. The air energy heat pump water heater is controlled by microcomputer, fully automatic operation, with automatic power-off function of power-off, and automatically starts up after the call. Air energy heat pump water heater water tank host any combination to meet individual needs. Air energy heat pump water heaters are not affected by the environment and are available all year round. The air energy heat pump water heater is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. Advantages of heat pump water heaters:
Efficient and energy-saving: operating costs are 74% less than gas water heaters, 76% less than electric water heaters, and 73% less than boilers Safety and environmental protection: to prevent leakage, explosion, dry burning, carbon monoxide poisoning and other safety hazards All-weather operation: It is not affected by the weather, such as spring, summer, autumn, winter, cloudy, rainy, nighttime, etc. It can provide continuous hot water all the year round. Convenient for work and durability: small footprint and easy installation. High-efficiency energy-saving heat pump special compressor, water tank with SUS 304 stainless steel liner: durable, intelligent control, multi-point constant temperature.

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