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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump
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Swimming Pool Heat Pump Features

Overview of Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming pool heat pump is super efficient way to heat the swimming pool. It makes full use of the advanced refrigeration technology to capture the heat in the outside air and transfer it to the pool water. In the working process of absorbing free heat from the air and transferring it to water, our RONRUI swimming pool heat pumps ensure constant and stable pool water temperature for you. Pool heat pumps are designed specifically for recreational water heating (in ground, on ground or above ground pools, spas, hot tubs, swim spas, etc.)

1. The heat pump heater has a fan that draws in the outside air and directs it over the evaporator coil. Liquid refrigerant within the evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the outside air and becomes a gas.

2. The warm refrigerant gas enters a compressor which increases the temperature and pressure of the gas.

3. The hot gas refrigerant exits the compressor and passes through the condenser heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the pool water flowing on the other side.

4. Having lost some heat to the water the hot gas reverts to a liquid state before exiting the condenser and entering a thermal expansion valve.

5. The thermal expansion valve allows the refrigerant to expand decreasing its temperature and pressure before starting the cycle again.


The Details of Swimming Pool Heat Pump Water Heater


The Advantages Of Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump


1. Low Running Costs
Substantial running cost savings (approximately 400% against electric heating) over extended summer season.Up to 47% operating cost saving against fossil fuel boilers and up to 60%  carbon saving against fossil fuel boilers.

2. Energy Efficiency
Eco swimming pool heat pump are unspeakably efficient users of energy, and actually produce far more energy than they consume. Approximately 5kw of heat for ever 1kw of energy consumed.

3. Easy to retrofit to an existing pool system.

4. Minimal maintenance.

5. Fan motor – super quiet.

6. Intelligent electronic defrost improves early and late season performance.

7. High flow Titanium Heat Exchanger.

8. Leading brand compressors.

9. Eco-friendly.


A. Many parts of the products are produced by ourselves which could cut cost and make the prices competitive.

B. With many advanced testing equipments and professional quality inspectors, the quality of our products could be guaranteed.

C. We have professional designers and engineers, and OEM/ODM service is available for us!

D. We RONRUI NEW ENERGY(swimming pool heat pump manufacturer) are committed to researching and upgrading our swimming pool heat pump range to ensure the customer is guaranteed the best quality.

E. No matter where you are located, we RONRUI NEW ENERGY will ensure that service is always available when you need it.

Applications of Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Applications of swimming-pool-heat-pump

Packaging and Shipping of Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

packaging of swimming-pool-heat-pumpShipping of swimming-pool-heat-pump
FAQ of Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • Q. What you should consider when selecting a swimming pool heat pump?
    A: Size of the pool, efficiency and costs.
  • Q. Does a Swimming Pool Heat Pump make a lot of noise?
    A:The Swimming Pool Heat Pump will make some noise when they are operating, as a compressor and fan are in motion, however this noise can be far less than you may think. Because we use super quiet motor fans.
  • Q. Is a heat pump difficult to install?
    A: Not at all, the heat pump needs a solid concrete base or can be laid on paving slabs. The unit then needs an electrical supply and it is best to get a qualified electrician to install this.
  • Q. I have seen the same swimming pool heat pump cheaper on another web site. Will you match the pric
    A: Our prices are some of the cheapest on the internet and we always aim to provide highly competitive prices. However if you see the same product cheaper elsewhere, then please let us know and we will always try to match or beat any pricing you have seen.
  • Q. Will it damage my heat pump to put it outdoors?
    A: No, all of our heat pumps are designed to go outdoors and are weatherproof.
  • Q. What is a COP?
    A: The COP is the Coefficient of Performance. It is the ratio of energy input to output. Eg a unit with a COP of 5 would provide 5 units of heat for every one consumed.
  • Q: What is the package of the products?
    A: Strong wood box plus carton box.
  • Q: Is OEM/ODM available for your company?
    A: Yes, both are available for us!
  • Q. Why are Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump better than other forms of pool pump?
    A: Substantial running cost savings (approximately 400% against electric heating) over the extended summer season.Up to 47% operating cost saving against fossil fuel boilers and up to 60%  carbon saving against fossil fuel boilers.
  • Q: How long is your Swimming Pool Heat Pump delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 1-5 working days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-25 working days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Specifications

Compressor Brand Mitsubishi  Mitsubishi  Mitsubishi  Toshiba  Sanyo  Sanyo  Sanyo  Sanyo  Sanyo Sanyo  Sanyo 
Type Rotary Scroll
Condenser Titanium PVC Tank
Evaporator Hydrophilic aluminium/φ9.52 innergroove tube
Expansion Valve Capillary expansion valve
Controller Single System Controller with Big LCD Monitor Multi System Controller with Big LCD Monitor
Refrigerent Type R410a
Heating Capacity
W 3757 5154 7906 9861 12000 14180 16151 20114 23911 33390 41400 49300
Heating Input Power W 781 1085 1575 1925 2104 2710 3093 4474 5300 6800 7562 9980
Heating Running Current A 3.57 4.97 7.21  8.81  11.7 16.1 16.1 9.3 9.3 6.3×2 7.9×2 9.1×2
COP 4.81 4.75 5.02  5.12  5.7 5.22 5.22 5.16 5.34 4.91 5.47 4.94
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 220V/1Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz
Noise dB(A) 51 52 53 53 54 54 60 60 60 61 61 61
Water Connection mm 50 63 63 63
Water Flow Volume m³/h 2~4 3~5 4~7 5~8 6~10 6~12 8~15
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 750*264*493 750*264*493 935*282*545 1002*302*620 1025*360*711 1025*360*711 752*690*765 752*690*965 752*690*965 1450*702*950 1450*702*1060 1450*702*1260
Packing Size(L*W*H) mm 875*370*560 875*370*560 1060*380*700 1135*395*760 1140*460*880 1140*460*880 840*750*900 840*750*1100 840*750*1100 1525*805*1110 1525*805*1220 1525*805*1420
Net Weight kg 34 45 54 68 105 115 108 111 112 240 250 260
Gross Weight 38 50 64 78 120 130 120 123 125 279 280 290
Testing condition: A24/W27 (heating).

Model RR-48RN2-PS RR-48RN2-PS RR-85RN2-PS RR-100RN2-PS RR-120RN2-PS RR-150RN2-PS

Rated Heating Capacity  (W) 3570 4800 5800 7180 8150 12450
Max Heating Capacity Ambient Temperature 24/19  (W) 5400 6960 8410 10410 11800 17110
Ambient Temperature 15/12  (W) 4500 5850 6960 8616 9790 14160
Rated Input  (W) 1220 1680 1985 2430 2760 4121
Rated Current  (A) 4.44 5.95 7.78 11.9 17.53
Max Current  (A) 7 10 14 20 28
COP 4.95 4.95 5 5 4.62 4.7
EER 3.51 3.51 3.52 3.53 3.46 3.39
Water Heat Exchanger Titanium PVC Tank
Refrigerant R410A
Power Supply 230V~50Hz
Setting Temperature Range °C 15~40
Running Temperature Range °C -5~43
Unit Dimensions W×H×D  (MM) 935*282*545 935*282*545 1006*342*620 1006*342*620 1025*413*752 1025*413*752
Pacage Dimensions   WxHxD  (MM) 1060*380*700 1060*380*700 1120*420*755 1120*420*755 1140*490*880 1140*490*880
Net Weight  (KG) 48 55 57 70 90 115
Gross Weight (KG) 58 65 67 80 105 130
Operating Noise  dB(A) ≤51 ≤51 ≤52 ≤52 ≤54 ≤56
In/Out pipe  (MM) 50
Min. Water Flow   (L/Minute) 40 40 60 80 100
Mode Heating/Cooling/AUTO (LCD Display)
COP&EER Performance refers to the following conditions:
Cooling capacity is based on inlet water temperature 27°C,Ambient air temperature 35°C(DB)/27°C (WB)
Heating capacity is based on inlet water temperature 20°C,Ambient air temperature 24°C(DB)/19°C(WB)

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