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High Temperature Heat Pump

High Temperature Heat Pump
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High Temperature Heat Pump Features

Overview of High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

High temperature heat pump is the heat pump which can reach more than 85°C, while the heat pump with the temperature of 65°C is called medium temperature heat pump or middle temperature heat pump.

The high temperature air source heat pump can be used in electroplating, bus disinfection, slaughtering, glass cleaning, printing and dyeing industries. Compared to electric boiler, it can save more than 50% of electric power consumption, and reduce the trouble of frequent replacement of electric heating tube. Compared to traditional coal boiler and fuel boiler, no pollution, no emission, safety, save the annual routine security inspection, save the professional boiler workers, automatic temperature control, and the operation cost is also reduced by more than 50%. The high temperature heat pump can complete the heat pump with special heating and cooling requirements. Generally speaking, high temperature air heat pumps use special heat pump compressors, special refrigerants and systems.

The high temperature air source heat pump system obtains the low temperature heat source through the natural energy (air heat storage), and becomes the high temperature heat source after the system of high efficiency collector integration. It is used for heating, drying or supplying hot water. The whole system has high heat efficiency.

The Details of High Temperature Heat Pump Water Heater

high temperature air source heat pump

The Advantages of High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump


1. Safety, environmental protection, indirect heating, water and electricity isolation, multiple protection measures, no hidden danger.

2. Patented heat transfer technology, integrated design, and unit operation is more stable.

3. The high temperature industrial heat pumps adopt imported brand high temperature special compressor, special process and special refrigerant, making the output hot water up to 75°C -85°C under the condition of keeping good working condition. The COP value can be up to
4. 3 under the condition of warm heating, which provides good energy saving effect for industrial hot water.

4. The high temp heat pump has the function of automatic power interruption, and automatically starts the unit after having electricity again.


A. Many parts of the products are produced by ourselves which could cut cost and make the prices competitive.

B. With many advanced testing equipment and professional quality inspectors, the quality of our products could be guaranteed.

C. We have professional designers and engineers, and OEM/ODM service is available for us!

D. No matter where you are located, we RONRUI NEW ENERGY will ensure that service is always available when you need it.

Applications of High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

Shipping and Packaging of High Temperature Air To Water Heat Pump


FAQ of High Temperature Heat Pump
  • Q: How long is your High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 1-5 working days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-25 working days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
  • Q: Why are High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump better than other forms of heat pump?
    A: Substantial running cost savings (approximately 400% against electric heating) over extended summer season.Up to 47% operating cost saving against fossil fuel boilers and up to 60%  carbon saving against fossil fuel boilers.
  • Q: What industry can the hight temperature air source heat pump be applied to?
    A: It can be used in electroplating, pasteurization, slaughtering, glass cleaning, printing and dyeing, and other industries.
  • Q: Does a High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump make a lot of noise?
    A:The High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump will make some noise when they are operating, as a compressor and fan are in motion, however this noise can be far less than you may think. Because we use super quiet motor fans.
  • Q: Is a heat pump difficult to install?
    A: Not at all, the heat pump needs a solid concrete base or can be laid on paving slabs. The unit then needs an electrical supply and it is best to get a qualified electrician to install this.
  • Q: I have seen the same high temperature air source heat pump cheaper on another web site. Will you
    A: Our prices are some of the cheapest on the internet and we always aim to provide highly competitive prices. However if you see the same product cheaper elsewhere, then please let us know and we will always try to match or beat any pricing you have seen.
  • Q: Will it damage my heat pump to put it outdoors?
    A: No, all of our heat pumps are designed to go outdoors and are weatherproof.
  • Q: What is a COP?
    A: The COP is the Coefficient of Performance. It is the ratio of energy input to output. Eg a unit with a COP of 5 would provide 5 units of heat for every one consumed.
  • Q: What is the package of the products?
    A: Strong wood box plus carton box.
  • Q: Is OEM/ODM available for your company?
    A: Yes, both are available for us!

High Temperature Heat Pump Specifications

Voltage Single-phase 220V/50Hz 380V 3N~/50Hz
Ambient Temperature
Rated Heating Water Flow (L/h) 204  225  376  752  928  1117  1547  1848  2214 
Rated Heating Capacity (kW) 9.5  10.5  17.5  35  43.2  52  72  86  103 
COP (W/W) 4.3  4.3  4.3  4.3  4.3  4.2  4.3  4.3  4.3 
Rated Input Power (kW) 2.21  2.44  8.14  10.04  12.38  16.74  20  23.9 
Rated Current (A) 10  3.7  12.36  15.2  18.81  25.4  30.3  36.3 
Max Input Power (kW) 3.3  3.66  12.2  15  18.6  27  30  36 
Max Current (A) 15  18.6  22.78  28  40  45.5  60 
Rated Water Temperature (℃) 65℃
Max Water Temperature (℃) 85℃
Waterproof grade IPX4
Compressor Scroll
Refrigerant XP-140
Waterway side Input/Output Pipe size G3/4"DN G3/4"DN G1"DN G1-1/2"DN G1-1/2"DN G1-1/2"DN 2-1/2"PLG 2-1/2"PLG 3"PLG
Circulating Water Flow  (m³/h) 1.6 1.8 3 6 7.43 9 12.5 14.7 17.7
Water side pressure loss  (kPa) 40 40 50 60 60 60 85 85 85
Dimension length*width*height (mm) 950×410×1250 720×720×882 800×800×1065 1600×800×1065 1507×857×1611 1507×857×1611 2000×1080×2100 2180×1080×2370 2180×1080×2370
Shipping Dimention length*width*height (mm) 1070×420×1400 750×750×982 830×830×1165 1640×830×1165 1540×897×1731 1540×897×1731 2080×1150×2200 2220×1150×2470 2220×1150×2470
Net Weight (kg) 120 100 127 325 325 340 691 720 800
Working Noise (dB(A)) 54 54 60 64.5 64.5 64.5 74 74 74
Ambient Temperature (℃) -7~43
Remarks 1. Standard:GB/T 21362-2008,GB/T 23137-2008,GB29541-2013。
2. Rated working condition: Heating: air temperature (DB/WB): 20℃/15℃, water temperature (inlet/outlet):15℃/55℃; Max water temperature: 85°C.
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