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EVI Heat Pump

EVI Heat Pump
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EVI Heat Pump Features

Overview of EVI Heat Pump

EVI air source heat pump for the supply of less than -25 ℃ environments for use. In many countries are commonly used EVI air source heat pump as a way of winter heating, especially in the relatively cold environment, EVI air source heat pump more widely. Low-temperature air to heat the biggest advantage is that in the Arctic environment can still be efficient heating, the traditional room temperature heat pump system, in the face of low-temperature performance challenges, the unit's safety and reliability are often greatly reduced.  By injecting the refrigerant directly into the SCROLL compressor head, the conditions in the refrigerant circuit of the system change. As a result, the heat pump outlet temperature reaches a low temperature of up to 60 ° C even at low ambient temperatures. Another advantage is the lower heat loss and the efficiency with decreasing source temperature.

EVI Heat Pump

EVI Air Source Heat Pump Components

  • A. Compressor(scroll)

    With the Copeland scroll compressor, the EVI heat pump would have a high heating capacity, longer service time and to be more stable.
  • B. Refrigerant(R410a)
    Adopting the environmental R410A refrigerant and circulating heating method, RONRUI EVI Heat Pumps are able to keep its COP as high as 4.4 at 20°C ambient temperature and COP 3.4 at 7°C.
  • C. Reliable and High Efficient Heat Exchanger

    The unit uses patented tube and shell heat exchanger which is with high efficiency and can be widely applied for cooling and heating.
  • D. Valve

    The expansion valve in the low temperature air source heat pump can be thermostatic with statically adjustable superheating or electronic. The signal from the electronic temperature sensor is used to open and close the discharge opening. This allows the superheat to be set more accurately and controlled over a wider range of condensation and evaporation pressures.
  • E. Plate heat exchanger
    Plate heat exchanger
    a)The original unique evaporator which can be applied to various refrigerants can be allocated variable technology.

    b)The original unequal volume medium channel drainage technology is a uniform distribution of various media in the channel, and the heat transfer efficiency is higher.

    c)Full set of automatic production and testing lines, strict testing and pressure and leakage testing, so that product quality safer, stable and reliable.

    d)Compared with traditional brazed plate heat exchangers, the heat transfer performance is improved by 10%-25% or even higher.

The Advantages of Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pump


A. Low operating costs
low-temperature air source heat pump can save the whole year 1/3 of the cost, while full use of low-temperature hot water resources, no need to add another air energy water heaters, also reduced the cost of running.

B. Comfortable
You can feel the EVI air heat pump to bring comfort and comfort experience. Whether you are from the living room to the bedroom, or from the bedroom to the bathroom, the temperature of each region is basically the same, to avoid the case of hot and cold, to ensure that indoor temperature 21 ℃. At the same time, the temperature is from bottom to top to spread the heat, the body will feel the foot to the knee position or warm up, below the body warm, people naturally feel warm up.

C. Installation is flexible
EVI air source heat pump to meet part of the heating family due to the transformation, replacement of heating equipment lead to the end of the situation is not suitable. Can be used with a radiator, with easy installation, easy maintenance and other advantages, as long as the air circulation can be installed on the ground. Install smart, convenient, really do not want to install which installed, completely free from external factors such as impact.

D. Energy efficient
EVI air source heat pump heating method of high thermal efficiency, heat concentrated in the human body to benefit the height of the transmission process of heat loss.

E. Long service life
EVI air source heat pump is buried through the underground pipe, good stability, no corrosion, no man-made damage, life and building synchronization. Relatively convection heating maintenance and replacement costs.

F. High COP
Adopting R410A refrigerant and circulating heating method, RONRUI EVI Heat Pump is able to keep its COP as high as 4.4 at low ambient temperature.

G. Water Temp. up to 60°C
Thanks to EVI technology, our EVI heat pump series features a wide operating temp. range. It means they can reach high water temp.(55-65oC) even in cold climate ranging from -25°C to 45°C, and can work safely and reliably at ambient temp. as low as -25°C with Wet Injection technology.


A. Many parts of the products are produced by ourselves which could cut cost and make the prices competitive.

B. With many advanced testing equipments and professional quality inspectors, the quality of our products could be guaranteed.

C. We have professional designers and engineers, and OEM/ODM service is available for us!

Application of  Evi Heater

EVI Heat Pump

Installation of EVI Heat Pump

EVI Heat Pump

Shipping and packaging of Water Heat Pump Heater

EVI Heat PumpEVI Heat Pump

FAQ of EVI Heat Pump
  • Q: Does an Air Source Heat Pump make a lot of noise?
    A: An Air Source Heat Pump will make some noise when they are operating, as a compressor and fan are in motion, however, this noise can be far less than you may think. Before an Air Source Heat Pump can be installed they must also pass a noise assessment, ensuring you will never hear the Heat Pump from inside your property.
  • Q: Where is heat pump using?
    A:  Because Air source heat pump save energy around 70 %, ( EVI heat pump and central cooling & heating heat pump ) is widely used in home heating, hotels hot water & heating, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bath center, residential central heating and hot water plants, etc.
  • Q: What does RONRUI New Energy company do?
    A:  RONRUI New Energy is professional in various kinds of heat pumps and wine coolers.
  • Q: What is the package of the products?
    A: Strong wood box plus carton box.
  • Q: Where are the RONRUI New Energy heat pump export to till now?
    A: Currently the products have been exported to Western Europe, North Europe, South Africa, Middle-East, South American and Australia market.
  • Q: Is OEM/ODM available for your company?
    A: Yes, both are available for us!
  • Q: How long is your EVI & DC Inverter Split Heat Pump delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 1-5 working days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-25 working days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
  • Q. Why are Heat Pumps better than other forms of heating?
    A: Heat pumps are much cheaper to run giving up to 4 times more heat than you pay for, they can be used all year round for both heating and cooling. Heat pumps produce low-density heat which is safe for children and the elderly, unlike fires or electric heaters. They are unmatched for convenience and easy to use (Remote Controlled). They don't pollute our atmosphere as with products for combustion and they use ozone-friendly refrigerants.

EVI Heat Pump Specifications

Commercial EVI Heat Pump(Dynamic Series)
Voltage Single-phase 220V/50Hz 380V 3N~/50Hz
Ambient Temperature
Rated Heating Water Flow (L/h) 225L/h 225L/h 376L/h 376L/h 790L/h 969L/h 1117L/h 1547L/h 1848L/h 2214L/h
Rated Heating Capacity (kW) 10.5kW 10.5kW 17.5kW 17.5kW 36.87kW 45.2kW 53.2kW 72kW 86kW 103kW
COP (W/W) 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W 4.3W/W
Rated Input Power (kW) 2.44kW 2.44kW 4.0kW 4.0kW 8.57kW 10.51kW 12.38kW 16.74kW 20kW 23.9kW
Rated Current (A) 11.1A 3.7A 6.0A 6.0A 13A 15.96A 18.81A 25.4A 30.3A 36.3A
Rated Heating Water Flow (L/h) 172L/h 172L/h 286L/h 286L/h 600L/h 741L/h 860L/h 1160L/h 1478L/h 1771L/h
Rated Heating Capacity (kW) 8kW 8kW 13.3kW 13.3kW 28kW 34.6kW 40kW 54kW 64.5kW 80kW
COP (W/W) 3.3W/W 3.3W/W 3.35W/W 3.35W/W 3.35W/W 3.4W/W 3.4W/W 3.30W/W 3.40W/W 3.40W/W
Rated Input Power (kW) 2.42kW 2.42kW 3.97kW 3.97kW 8.35kW 10.17kW 11.76kW 16.36kW 18.9kW 23.5kW
Rated Current (A) 11A 3.67A 6.0A 6.0A 12.67A 15.44A 17.86A 24.8A 28.7A 35.7A
Max Input Power(kW) 3.3kW 3.66kW 6.0kW 6.0kW 12.81kW 15.95kW 18.6kW 27kW 30kW 36kW
Max Current (A) 15A 6A 9A 9A 19.45A 24.2A 28.2A 41A 45.5A 60A
Rated Temperature(℃) 55℃
Max Temperature(℃) 60℃
Waterproof grade IPX4
Compressor Model Scroll
Refrigerant R410a
Waterway side Input/Output Pipe size G3/4"DN G3/4"DN G1"DN G1"DN G1-1/2"DN G1-1/2"DN G1-1/2"DN 2-1/2"PLG 2-1/2"PLG 3"PLG
Circulating Water Flow  (m³/h) 1.8m³/h 1.8m³/h 3.0m³/h 3.0m³/h 6.3m³/h 7.77m³/h 9.15m³/h 12.38m³/h 14.7m³/h 17.7m³/h
Water side pressure loss  (kPa) 40kPa 40kPa 50kPa 50kPa 60kPa 60kPa 60kPa 85kPa 85kPa 85kPa
Dimension length*width*height (mm) 950×410×1250 720×720×882 800×800×1065 800×800×1065 1600×800×1065 1507×857×1611 1507×857×1611 2000×1080×2100 2180×1080×2370 2180×1080×2370
Shipping Dimention length*width*height (mm) 1070×420×1400 750×750×982 830×830×1165 870×870×1300 1640×830×1165 1540×897×1731 1540×897×1731 2080×1150×2200 2220×1150×2470 2220×1150×2470
Net Weight (kg) 120kg 100kg 127kg 136kg 325kg 325kg 340kg 691kg 720kg 800kg
Working Noise (dB(A)) 54dB(A) 54dB(A) 60dB(A) 60dB(A) 64.5dB(A) 64.5dB(A) 64.5dB(A) 74dB(A) 74dB(A) 74dB(A)
Ambient Temperature (℃) -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃ -25~43℃
1. Working air temperature range:-25℃ to 43℃
2. Ambient Temperature20℃ working condition: air temperature (DB/WB): 20℃/15℃, water temperature (inlet/outlet):15℃/55℃; 
   Ambient Temperature7℃ working condition: air temperature (DB/WB): 7℃/6℃, water temperature (inlet/outlet):9℃/55℃;

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