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DC Inverter Heat Pump

DC Inverter Heat Pump
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DC Inverter Heat Pump Features

Overview of DC Inverter Heat Pump

During a standard refrigerant cycle, the refrigerant travels continually between the compressor and condenser, transforming from liquid to gas depending on temperature. Once the air in the home reaches the temperature specified on the thermostat, this refrigerant cycle stops completely, restarting only when the home's temperature changes. Each time the cycle restarts, the high efficiency air source heat pump system consumes energy to balance pressure and bring the refrigerant to the correct temperature before the heating or cooling process can begin.

In units with a variable-speed compressor, or inverter, the refrigerant cycle operates at different speeds depending on temperature and heating loads. By automatically adjusting the speed of the refrigerant, the inverter eliminates energy losses caused by stopping and starting.

The Details of DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

DC Inverter Heat Pump

The advantages of DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump


1. Adopting high frequency operation technology, faster response to variable heating and cooling loads.

2. DC inverter system for compressor speed intelligent adjustment, realize the perfect matching of energy output and demand, improve energy efficiency in a comprehensive way. Significantly reduced running costs (up to 50% saving) compared to non-inverter systems.

3. DC inverter heat pumps get perfect performance at ambient temperature -25°C to ensure stable running all the year round.

4. Using R410A green refrigerant, which protect the environment and reduce the global warming.

5. Lower noise levels, both inside and outside the building. The double rotor dynamic balancing technology, avoid vibration and quiet.

6. Mini size and monoblock type ,easy to be installation.


A. Many parts of the products are produced by ourselves which could cut cost and make the prices competitive.

B. With many advanced testing equipment and professional quality inspectors, the quality of our products could be guaranteed.

C. We have professional designers and engineers, and OEM/ODM service is available for us!

D. No matter where you are located, we RONRUI NEW ENERGY will ensure that service is always available when you need it.

Applications of  DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

DC Inverter Heat Pump

Shipping and Packaging of DC Inverter Air To Water Heat Pump

DC Inverter Heat PumpDC Inverter Heat Pump
FAQ of DC Inverter Heat Pump
  • Q. Why are DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump better than other forms of heat pump?
    A: Because using the dc frequency conversion technology, this kind of heat pump would be faster, quiet, more energy saving and environment protection.
  • Q. What is the function of our inverter heat pump?
    A: 1) Domestic hot water all year round  2) Space heating in winter  3) Space cooling in summer
  • Q. What is the supply conditions of our product?
    A: Heating test conditions : Ambient temp.7°C/6°C,Water temp.40°C/45°C
    Refrigeration test conditions :Ambient temp.35°C,Water temp.12°C/7°C
    Hot water test conditions : Ambient temp.7°C/6°C,Water temp.9°C/55°C
  • Q. Is a heat pump difficult to install?
    A: Not at all, the heat pump needs a solid concrete base or can be laid on paving slabs. The unit then needs an electrical supply and it is best to get a qualified electrician to install this.
  • Q. I have seen the same dc inverter heat pump cheaper on another web site. Will you match the price?
    A: Our prices are some of the cheapest on the internet and we always aim to provide highly competitive prices. However if you see the same product cheaper elsewhere, then please let us know and we will always try to match or beat any pricing you have seen.
  • Q. Will it damage my dc inverter heat pump to put it outdoors?
    A: No, all of our heat pumps are designed to go outdoors and are anti-freezing and weatherproof.
  • Q: What is the package of the products?
    A: Strong wood box plus carton box.
  • Q: Is OEM/ODM available for your company?
    A: Yes, both are available for us!
  • Q: How long is your DC Inverter Heat Pump delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 1-5 working days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-25 working days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

DC Inverter Heat Pump Specifications

Picture dc inverter heat pump
Voltage Single-phase 220V/50Hz
Rated Heating Rated Heating Capacity(kW) 10.1kW 15.1kW 17.5kW
COP(W/W) 3.5W/W 3.6W/W 3.6W/W
Rated Heating Power(kW) 2.88kW 4.19kW 4.75kW
Rated Water Tem. 41℃ 41℃ 41℃
Max Heating Max Heating Capacity(kW) 6.5kW 10.5kW 12.5kW
COP(W/W) 2.4W/W 2.4W/W 2.4W/W
Max input power(kW) 2.7kW 4.2kW 5.2kW
Max Water Tem.(℃) 50℃ 50℃ 50℃
Rated Cooling Rated Cooling Capacity(kW) 6.1kW 10.1kW 11.2kW
EER(W/W) 2.5W/W 2.5W/W 2.4W/W
Rated Cooling Power(kW) 2.44kW 4.04kW 4.66kW
Rated Water Tem.(℃) 12℃ 12℃ 12℃
Min Water Tem. 7℃ 7℃ 7℃
Max input power(kW) 3.66kW 7kW 7.5kW
Max Current(A) 16.6A 31.8A 34.1A
IPLV(H/C) 2.4/2.6 2.4/2.6 2.4/2.6
Water side resistance 30kPa 30kPa 30kPa
Water side rated pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa
Water flowrate 1.3m³/h 1.8m³/h 2.3m³/h
Inlet/outlet pipe diameter DN20 DN25 DN25
Refrigerant/injection amount R410A/3000g R410A/4000g R410A/4000g
Max working pressure of exhaust side 4.2Mpa 4.2Mpa 4.2Mpa
Max working pressure of suction side 1.5Mpa 1.5Mpa 1.5Mpa
Waterproof Grade IPX4
Anti-shock protection category I
Dimension 940mm*393mm*1245mm 1030mm*475mm*1330mm 1030mm*475mm*1330mm
Net Weight 135kg 145kg 145kg
Noise 61dB(A) 61dB(A) 61dB(A)
Ambient Tem.(℃) -25~35℃ -25~35℃ -25~35℃
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