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Air Source Heat Pump Pros And Cons

When it comes to air source heat pumps, a lot of words come to our mind. Every coin has two sides, so the heat pump. Here I'd like to list some benifits and disadvantages of air source heat pump to help all get understood.

Advantages Of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Safety , saving money, comfort, environmental protection and long service time.
  • High thermal efficiency. Compared with coal-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, gas-fired boiler and electric water heater, air source heat pump water heater is the most efficient water heater.
  • Air source heat pump water heater integrates heating water, heating, dehumidification, cooling, air filtration and other functions into one.
  • Hot water will be supplied continuously 24 hours a day no matter in cold or hot climate, sunny, rainy or snowy.
  • Additional heating accessories can increase indoor temperature by more than 5 degrees in winter, making learning, entertainment and sleeping more comfortable.
  • Our air source heat pump EVI series products can running regularly even when the outdoor temperature is as low as -25°C.

Air Source Heat Pumps Disadvantages

  1. Low heating efficiency at low temperature: when the unit's working environment temperature is below 5 degrees, the air source heat pump unit defrosts once an hour, the default defrosting time is 10 minutes, generally using four-way valve to change the direction of refrigerant, compressor generated high temperature refrigerant directly into the evaporator defrosting, air source heat pump unit from heating to refrigeration, Increased power consumption.

  2. Low efficiency of heating temperature: the heating temperature of air-source heat pump unit is about 55 degrees, which is because the higher heating temperature requirements, the slower temperature rise in the high temperature section, the lower heating efficiency, and the increase of energy consumption of air-source heat pump unit. Therefore, in the case of meeting the operating conditions, as far as possible to lower the target water temperature, reasonable use of air source heat pump, to achieve the desired economic benefits.

  3. Condenser fouling efficiency is low: low-temperature refrigerant into the evaporator for heat exchange with the air, if the air dust, long-term use of evaporator dust will affect the heat transfer efficiency of air-source heat pump units, soapy water can be used to clean the evaporator, do not use sandpaper wipe, will cause the evaporator copper tube rupture; tap water or groundwater quality is relatively high. When the high temperature refrigerant produced by the compressor is heat exchanged with the condenser, the condenser coil will be scaled, the thermal conductivity will be reduced, the heat transfer efficiency will be reduced, and the heat accumulation in the compressor will appear high pressure protection.

  4. In winter, we should do a good job of anti-freezing to avoid the serious consequences of water inflow of compressor caused by ice expansion of water in condenser and rupture of the heat exchange coil of the condenser.
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