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Air Source Heat Pump Noise Problems

An air source heat pump requires an outdoor unit containing moving mechanical components including fans which produce noise.

Another feature of ASHP external heat exchangers is their need to stop the fan from time to time for a period of several minutes in order to get rid of frost that accumulates in the outdoor unit in the heating mode. After that, the heat pump starts to work again. This part of the work cycle results in two sudden changes of the noise made by the fan.

Kindly check the detailed noise level of our products as below:

  • Household all in one design ≤48(dB(A)    split type design ≤53(dB(A)
  • EVI series ≤74(dB(A)
  • High Temperature series ≤74(dB(A)
  • DC Inverter series ≤61(dB(A)
  • Swimming pool series ≤66(dB(A)
  • Dryer series ≤75(dB(A)

In order to reduce the noise as much as possible, we improve a lot in the past time and we use the super quiet motor fans. So the noise can be far less than you may think.
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