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Air Source Heat Pump Dryer

Air Source Heat Pump Dryer
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Air Source Heat Pump Dryer Features

Overview of Air Source Heat Pump Dryer

1. Refrigerant (gas state) from evaporator comes to compressor, after compression, becomes high pressure & high temp gas, then comes to condenser;

2. In condenser, high temp. & pressure gas is condensed into low temp. & high pressure liquid state, huge heat will be released from this process. At the use of motor fans, such heat is transferred to hot air and sent to drying room. The hot air is circulating all around inside of drying room and making water in the objects released & vaporized, and after humidity exhaustion or dehumidification condensation, finally make the objects dry;

3. After that refrigerant becomes to high pressure & low temp liquid state, throttled by expansion valve, high pressure is reduced, then comes back to evaporator.

4. Refrigerant's temp suddenly reduces to be -20~-32oC once its pressure was released, in evaporator, it's fully heat-exchanged with outside air and absorb heat from the air. Then again to compressor and starts another cycle;

5. According to reverse Carnot theory, compressor is continuously running and cycling, transporting heat from the air, with 1 unit electricity to drive compressor, then retrieve 3-6 units heat for drying;

6. Heat pump dryer's running mode: drying (make temp. rise and humidity released), dehumidification (high/constant temp. dehumidifying), cool dry (Cooling and dehumidification).


Product Lineup of Air Source Heat Pump Dryer

According to structure----Integrated type(integrated heat pump dryer), Split type, Combined type.

According to ambient temp.----Low temp. type(-25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃), Ordinary temp. type (0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃)

According to supplying air temp .----Low temp. type (10℃~45℃), Medium temp.(45℃~65℃), High temp.(65℃~80℃), Super high temp.: 80 ℃ & above (practically 95 ℃)

According to technology principle----Open circle dryer, Closed circle dryer, Open & closed circle dryer.

According to application area----Wood dryer, Grain dryer, Tobacco dryer, Industrial use dryer etc.

The Details of Electric Heat Pump Dryer

The Advantages of Air Source Heat Pump Dryer


Compared to electrical, diesel and natural gas dryers, the best heat pump condenser dryer are much more energy-saving, suitable for long-term investment; Considering running cost and environment protection, it is advisable to select RONRUI heat pump dryer as your drying solution!


1. Stable running, simple operation
Intelligent control and auto running without personnel duty after specification set finished.

2. Good Drying Quality
Low-temperature dehumidification drying, causes no loss of the objects to be dried, mildew or corruption can be effectively prevented.

3. Clean and health, without secondary pollution
Drying in a closed & sealed room, no pollution from outside objects.

4. Superior Energy Saving
Working in the wholly sealed drying room, no hot air and water vapor loses, ensuring a max. energy recovery.

5. Exact control of temperature and humidity
High precision sensors ensure a multi-point measurement, keeps running data reliably.

6. Advanced Concept: Closed-cycle dehydration technology
Dehumidification drying is adopted instead of traditional heat drying, nice drying effect can be achieved even based on drying at normal temperature.

7. Most of our products are open&close cycle dryers.

Completely avoids disadvantages of the open circle and close circle type dryer, and adopts advantages of them; This type dryer is not affected by ambient temp. & humidity, when temp. reaches the set degree, it will switch intelligently drying mode into open circle or close circle.

Sensitive heat or latent heat recovery system can effectively avoid low heating efficiency in low temp. ambient, even without electrical heater switched on, it can keep a fast temp. the rise in the dry room, and much more energy-saving.


A. Many parts of the products are produced by ourselves which could cut cost and make the prices competitive.

B. With many advanced testing equipments and professional quality inspectors, the quality of our products could be guaranteed.

C. We have professional designers and engineers, and OEM/ODM service is available for us!

Application of Air Source Heat Pump Dryer


Shipping And Package of Air Source Heat Pump Dryer

FAQ of Air Source Heat Pump Dryer
  • Q:Does an Air Source Heat Pump Dryer make a lot of noise?
    A:An Air Source Heat Pump Dryer will make some noise when they are operating, as a compressor and fan are in motion, however this noise can be far less than you may think. Before an Air Source Heat Pump dryer can be installed they must also pass a noise assessment.
  • Q: Where is heat pump using?
    A:  They are widely used in Agriculture and Industry drying.
  • Q: What does RONRUI New Energy company do?
    A:  RONRUI New Energy is professional in various kinds of heat pumps and wine coolers.
  • Q: What is the package of the products?
    A: Strong wood box plus carton box.
  • Q: Where are the RONRUI New Energy heat pump export to till now?
    A: Currently the products has been exported to Western Europe, North Europe, South Africa, Middle-East, South American and Australia market.
  • Q: How long is your Heat Pump Dryers delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 1-5 working days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 15-25 working days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
  • Q: are heat pump dryers any good/are heat pump dryers worth it
    A: Yes. Heat pump dryers are good and worth it. Because they are stable running, simple operation,good drying quality,clean and health, without secondary pollution,superior energy saving,exact control of temperature and humidity and with advanced closed-cycle dehydration technology.
  • Q: can heat pump dryers be wall mounted?
    A: For the split types of air sourced heat pump dryer, the outdoor units are able to be wall mounted.
  • Q. Why are Air Source Heat Pump Dryers better than other forms of drying?
    A: Heat Pump Dryers are unaffected by external environment and climate, the efficiency is consistent throughout the year. They are much saver than other forms of drying,such as coal, fuel and electric heating. They are more efficient and environmentally friendly. They are easy to operate and labor-saving.
  • Q: Is OEM/ODM available for your company?
    A: Yes, both are available for us!
  • Q: How do heat pump dryers work
    A: Drying's essence is to take moisture away, but temperature is not the most critical factor during this process. The key point for good or bad drying depends on relative humidity in a certain space. This is the fact that our RONRUI Heat Pump Dryer took advantages of such dry essence and created a "Close-circle" dehumidifying dryer, changed the traditional heat pump dryer's "baking" to "dehumidifying”, which has great and incomparable advantages versus traditional heat pump dryer.

Air Source Heat Pump Dryer Specifications

EVI Type Split Heat Pump Dryer
Power supply 380~415V 50Hz 3Ph
Rated power kW 5.6 11.3 12.5
Rated heating capacity kW 20 40 45
Rated / Max. current A 9.5 / 17.5 19 / 35 21 / 37.6
Electrical heater kW 3 6 6
Temp. of air supply 40-80
Refrigerant R134a
Anti-shock class
Water proof class IP X 4
Noise  Db(A) ≤60 ≤72 ≤75
Dimension  (W x D x H, mm) 1600x710x1350 2280x960x1820 2280x960x1820
Unit weight KG 380 500 800
Ambient temp. suits  ℃ -25 ~ 45

Split Type Heat Pump Dryer
Indoor Unit Picture
Outdoor Unit Picture
Power supply 380~415V 50Hz 3Ph
Rated power kW 2.6 4.2 8.6 20 40
Temp. of supply air 40-80
Rated heating capacity kW 12 18 36 88 180
Power of IDU motor kW 0.55 1.1 2.2 4.4 10
IDU airflow m3/h 6000 8600 18000 36000 90000
Refrigerant Mixed high temp. refrigerant
Anti-shock class I
Water proof class IP X 4
Noise Db(A) ≤55  ≤55 ≤55 ≤70 ≤75
Dimension (WxDxH, mm) ODU: 710x710x830 ODU: 710x710x830 ODU: 1495x715x1350 ODU: 1850x1380x2200 ODU: 1850x2580x2200
IDU: 1350x750x310 IDU: 1350x750x310 IDU: 2000x750x310 IDU: 1440x990x1080 IDU: 1440x2000x1080
Unit weight KG 100 185 285 485 1000
Ambient temp. suits 0-45

Integrated Dehumidifying Dryer, with drying cabinet 
Model RRZKH-4.0/4.5GY RRZKH-3.0/3.5GY
Power supply V/Hz 220V / 50Hz 220V / 50Hz
Power input KW 1.35 1
Running current A 6.2 5
Auxiliary electric heater KW 1 1
Maximum Power KW 2.8 2
Dehumidification amount (@50oC,80%) Kg/h 4 3
Supplying hot air Temperature oC 10 ~75 10 ~75
Max. hot air Temperature oC 80 80
Working ambient temperature oC -20~50 -20~50
Noise dB(A) ≤ 60 ≤ 60
Air volume m3/H 2000 1100
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 2220*720*1960 2220*720*1960
Tray Size (L*W*H) mm 800*600*40 800*600*40
Net weight Kg 185 185
Gross weight Kg 198 198

Integrated Heat Pump Dryer
Power supply 380~415V 50Hz 3Ph
Rated power kW 2.8 4.7 9.4 11.3 20 40
Rated heating capacity kW 9 18 36 45 88 180
Rated / Max. current A 4.7A / 10A 8A / 20A 16A / 31A 19A / 40A 38A / 80A 80A / 160A
Electrical heater kW 3 KW 6 KW 6 KW 9 KW 24 KW 48KW
Temp. of air supply 40-80
Refrigerant R134a
Anti-shock class
Water proof class IP X 4
Noise Db(A) ≤60 ≤65 ≤65 ≤70 ≤70 ≤70
Dimension  (W x D x H, mm) 1675x860x1290 1760x1060x1290 2100x1356x1600 2100x1356x1600 2100x3000x1600 2100x4000x1600
Unit weight KG 180 245 380 500 485 1000
Ambient temp. suits 0-45

Combined Industrial Heat Pump Dryer (Sludge)
Power supply 380~415V 50Hz 3Ph
Rated power kW 20 40
Rated heating capacity kW 80 160
Rated / Max. current A 38 / 80 73 / 105
Electrical heater kW 24 48
Temp. of air supply 50-90
Refrigerant R22/R134a mixed
Anti-shock class
Water proof class 2P X 4
Noise Db(A) ≤70 ≤75
Dimension  (W x D x H, mm) 3000x1800x2000 3000x1800x2000
Unit weight KG 465 945
Ambient temp. suits 0-45

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