Guangdong Ronrui New Energy Technology Limited


It is not an easy task to order or purchase from a distant supplier, especially in international trade. This is especially the case with China, due to different barriers in both culture and language. Finding the right supplier will greatly reduce purchasing cost, guarantee product quality and shorten procurement cycles.

RONRUI is one of the most professional Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater and Wine Cooler manufacturing and supplying enterprise in China, with a complete network of R&D, manufacturing, sales, design, installation, and service. We have been in heat pump and wine cooler business for about 5 years. Additionally, RONRUI also has many senior engineers to provide professional design and service for customers. We dedicate to develop hardware and software for intelligent device control, allowing customers to customize their RONRUI devices according to their personalized requirements. RONRUI provides high-end users integrated energy-saving solutions and products including EVI heat pump, DC Inverter heat pump, High-Temperature heat pump, Household mini heat pump, Swimming Pool heat pump, Dryer heat pump, Standard Compressor wine cooler, Fan Cooling wine cooler, Build-in wine cooler etc.

Why choose us?

Direct communication&Professional service: All your inquiries or questions will be responded immediately after we see it.
Quality control: We have a strict inspection and multiple quality controlling.
Reliable service: Installation and erection diagram service will be provided if needed.

Cost saving: Most of the spare parts are produced by ourselves, which means the cost could be controlled and the prices would be much more competitive.

  • TEL:+86-0757-81066651
  • ADDRESS:Zhikui Road, Ma Xin industrial District, Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China