Guangdong Ronrui New Energy Technology Limited

Company Culture

Company Vision:

Focus on new energy and environmental technology, and constantly innovate technology to provide green, energy-saving and convenient life for everyone.

Core Value:

1.Honesty,Steady and Commitment, which is the fundamental condition for an enterprise to become bigger and stronger.

2.Discover and reuse talents. Keeping on innovation and improvement.

3.We never stop pursuing every customer satisfaction, service by our professional team and provide professional and effective solutions.

4.Emphasis on employee benefits, stimulating potential employees in the enterprise.

5.The company is a big family and treats employees as family members. Warm, happy, help each other and progress together.

  • TEL:+86-0757-81066651
  • ADDRESS:Zhikui Road, Ma Xin industrial District, Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China